[How to make a lemon tea]_how to do_how to do

Lemon black tea is mainly a tea made from black tea and lemon together, so lemon black tea combines the effects of lemon and black tea on the human body.

And when lemon black tea is drunk in summer, the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the body is very obvious.

But the lemon tea sold outside always adds some flavors and other food additives, which is uneasy. So what is the method of making lemon tea at home?

Production method Hot black tea 400 ml of black tea juice is prepared according to the hot black tea brewing method.


Divide the tea into two cups, add 15 grams of cotton sugar, 1 slice of lemon, and mix well.

Features: Tea juice is reddish, clear, sweet and slightly sour, very refreshing.

Lemon black tea has both the slightly acidity of lemon and the mellow taste of black tea.

Foam Lemon Black Tea Ingredients: base black tea 350ml; lemon juice; honey; 1 lemon slice; proper amount of ice cubes: 1.

Take a finished cup with an appropriate amount of ice cubes for later use.


Add ice cubes to the full glass.


Add lemon juice and honey to method 2 snow gram cup.


Then pour the bottom black tea to full.


Cover the brick wall and shake well, pour it into the finished cup, and then add lemon discs for decoration.

Rock Sugar Lemon Black Tea Ingredients: base black tea 400ml; moderate amount of rock sugar; 2 slices of fresh lemon.


400 ml of black tea juice was prepared according to the hot black tea brewing method.

Add crystal sugar to the cup, 2 pieces of fresh lemon round slices, pour the brewed black tea into the cup and stir until the crystal sugar is completely melted.

The main effect of lemon is warm, bitter, non-toxic, and has the functions of quenching thirst, recuperating heat, recuperating, stagnation, reducing phlegm, relieving cough, strengthening stomach, strengthening spleen, relieving pain, and sterilizing.

Eating lemon fruit or drinking lemon juice can change food, detoxify, and detox, which is very harmful to human health.

Black tea is one of the flavonoid drinks that can eliminate free radicals and has an anti-acidification effect, and can reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction.

The results of its research show that a cup of black tea has a better anti-acidification effect on specific free radicals than garlic, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.

Black tea also has various antibacterial effects and prevents colds.

The flavonoids in black tea have antibacterial effects such as killing food poisonous bacteria and making the influenza virus infectious.

In addition to preventing colds, some people gargle with black tea when they have a sore throat due to a cold.

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[It’s best to eat several longan in a day]_Longan_How to eat_How to eat

Usually I know that longan is a tonic product. The nutritional value of longan is very high, and I also know that longan is sweet and delicious. You ca n’t eat too much fresh and dried.The cold is too heavy, it is best not to exceed five.

Although the food is good, it cannot be eaten uncontrollably often. Once any food is eaten uncontrollably, it will cause the body to become unfit, which may cause some diseases. Therefore, you ca n’t eat it very easilyHow much is the best?

How much can it not exceed?

It is easy to get angry after eating longan meat, but as long as you eat it properly and learn to simplify the mix, you will not get angry.

Longan meat is used to make tea, porridge or syrup.

You can add red dates and honey for longan meat tea.

Honey longan jujube tea can regulate endocrine, nourish blood and nourish qi, eliminate tension and depression, increase stress tolerance, enhance memory, calm down, help sleep, relax muscles.

1. First of all, you must master the amount of longan.

Usually, eating five or six longan per day is not going to get angry.

2, longan is often cooked with red dates, peanuts, red ginseng and other blood-enriching drugs at the same time, has a synergistic effect, which can increase the effect of blood-enriching, but only those who are not easy to get angry with yang deficiency constitution are afraid of cold.Tonic method.

3. After eating longan, people who are prone to dry mouth, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, herpes around the lips, and even nosebleeds can cook longan with chrysanthemum and American ginseng and other heat-clearing and heat-clearing drugs, which can nourish qi and blood and improveOr avoid the above symptoms of getting angry.

People with increased eye waste can also add wolfberry and white chrysanthemums to cook together to nourish the liver.

4. For the suitable crowd with habitual constipation, you can cook longan with angelica, walnut kernel, sesame, etc., it can nourish blood and kidney, and also can promote bowel and laxative.

When buying and selecting longan meat, you should choose longan with yellowish color, large particles, and rich and moist to the touch. Such longan is usually thin and thick, rich in honey, fresh and sweet. The dried longan meat is also large and rich.Nourishing and delicious.

In the place of production, the Guangdong region is used as a commodity, and Jieyang and Maoming are rich in longan.

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[Grain Multigrain Powder]_Grain Multigrain Powder_Benefits_Assumption

Humans should eat more whole grains. Only whole grains are more conducive to our physical health and health care. And the whole grains are ground and shaped by using whole grains. Common rice, chestnuts, oats, and yellow rice, etc.Our health care is more favorable.

1. Vitamin B group on the surface of rice.

Vitamin E.

Pantothenic acid.



Aunt and a variety of organic acids.

2, chestnut rice is sweet and salty.

With nourishing kidney qi.

And invigorating the spleen.

Out of heat to remove heat.

Antidiarrheal effect, suitable for nausea with weak spleen and stomach.



Thirst and so on.

Chestnut is a maternal.

Old man.

Good tonic for infants and patients.

Chestnuts above carotene.


It also contains starch that is easily digested, so after eating chestnut rice, it can make people feel warm and full quickly, promote the accumulation of secretion in the body, and increase the amount of tryptophan into the trouble.

Therefore, chestnut rice is a special sleeping food without any drug intermediates, and there is no special eating taboo.

3. Oatmeal is warm and sweet, which has a beneficial effect on the spleen and stomach.

The effect of the smooth intestine for giving birth is suitable for weak and weak body and appetite after illness.

Poor stools and delayed delivery of pregnant women.

Modern research shows that oat is rich in amino acids, high in nutritional value, and can transform blood fiber and plant protein to lower blood cholesterol and replace blood sugar.

Oats contain lipases and phosphatases.

A variety of active substances such as glycosidases can delay cell aging and inhibit the formation of senile plaques. They are maternal, elderly, infants and young children.

And coronary heart disease.


The best diet for people with arteriosclerosis.

4, yellow rice is sweet and slightly cold, with spleen and diarrhea.

And stomach soothe the function.

Yellow rice is rich in nutrients and contains 13 protein per 100 grams.

6 grams, and contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, regular food is good for the body.

5, yam taste flat, Huaishan can be used as a staple food, can also be used as food, fresh Huaishan to smooth and complete.

No roots.

Do not dry without cracking the roots.Even color is better.

Mountain Pin Huaishan is underweight.

Smooth and even.

The color is white.

Powdery feet are preferred.

Role: 1.

Suitable for all physical weakness.

Weak after illness.

Spleen and stomach qi deficiency are consumed.


Prolonged diarrhea.

Loss of appetite.

God is tired.

It is advisable for women with spleen deficiency.


Insufficient lungs and kidneys cause asthma.

Nocturnal sweat.

Huaishan is suitable for those with frequent nocturia.


Suitable for diabetic patients thirsty and polyuria.

Good people eat it for a long time.


Chronic nephritis and pediatric enuresis are appropriate.

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I do n’t know how to donate money to the public, but I do n’t think about it. I ‘m going to do it. I ‘m going to try it out.╛ Chiseling, picking, picking and picking
瀵逛簬寰堝濡堝鏉ヨ锛屽閲岀殑瀹濆疂鍜岀埍浜哄悆寰楀仴搴凤紝鎵嶄細灏戠敓鐥呫€備粖澶╁皬缂栧氨涓轰富濡囦滑浠嬬粛涓€閬撻€傚悎瀹朵汉椋熺敤鐨勮彔钀濆挄鍜捐倝鐞冦€?.What is the link between the master and the master?.沦 粍 禹 訌 呭 唴 啣 歌 呖 读 斦 粍 3.閿呭唴鐑补锛屾妸鐣寗閰辨斁鍏ョ倰棣欙紝鍐嶆斁鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勭硸璋冨懗锛岃窡鐫€灏卞彲浠ユ斁鍏ョ偢濂Boundary?.褰撹倝鐞冨惛鏀朵簡鐣寗鐨勯叡姹佸悗锛屾妸娲嬭懕涓庨潚绾㈡涓€璧锋斁鍏ョ炕鐐?。鎶婇攨鍐呯殑椋熸潗閮界炕鐐掑潎鍖€鍚庯紝姝ゆ椂灏卞彲浠ユ妸鑿犺悵涔熸斁鍏ヤ竴璧风炕鐐掑潎鍖€鍗冲彲鍑I am inspired by the fact that there is no such thing as a piece of cake and a piece of cake is insulting and sturdy. It ‘s very difficult to find out what is going on. It ‘s very simple. It ‘s very simple. It ‘s very simple.瘡涓€姝ラ兘涓嶅鏉傦紝寰堢畝鍗曪紝鍙浣犳寜鐓ф楠ゅ幓鍋氾紝涓€瀹氬彲浠ユ垚鍔熺殑鍝︺€?

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鎴戜滑鐨勭敓娲荤涓嶅紑鏈嬪弸锛岃€屾湅鍙嬩箣闂磋嚜鐒跺皯涓嶄簡鑱氶銆傝仛椁愭槸浠跺垢绂忕殑浜嬶紝鎴戜滑鍙互鍥村湪涓€璧凤紝鏃犺瘽涓嶈皥銆傝仛椁愶紝澶у鏁颁汉浼氶€夋嫨鍦ㄦ煇鏌愮煡鍚嶉キ搴椼€備絾濡傛灉浣犺兘鑷繁鍋氾紝鐩镐俊鏈嬪弸浠細鏇村姞寮€蹇冦€傞偅涔堬紝杩欓噷灏卞厛鏉ョ粰澶у涓€涓嬭姳寮€瀵屾杩欓亾鑿滅殑鍋氭硶銆?.1 頙 栧 咰 撰 沅 甦 犱 粱 娉 “劂 銆?.2 Babianlvben Yue-lin Ejilinben Shen  Qubiannuechan Yunke TOWER?.灞辫嵂娲楀噣锛屽幓鐨紝鎿︽垚鏈€傛媽鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勬鑺辩硸锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆?.闽 嗕 笂 啉 “啂 啄 勯 粦 锷 犱 粦 銆?.啄  钂 咛 銆?.鍙栧嚭鍚庯紝鍐嶆拻涓婇€傞噺鐨勬鑺辩硸鍗冲彲銆傝姳寮€瀵屾瀵逛簬鐖舵瘝杈堟潵璇存鏃犲帇鍔涳紝浣嗘 槸 瀵 韬 楗  潵 寮 劲 倄 潚 銞 Cuihan Adorable 晘 熪 熺 殑 鑳 擳 擳  镫  嚜 鐵 Uncle 傽 钖 個 繉 綠 綸 綀 絉 絉 絉 碉 碉Are you going to make up for it in Nan Cang Nan Nan?

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Lianbobojuojuan  浜 咜 咘 咨 晧 抧 抶 擶 栌 _ 姝 雰 栌 _ 楗  绂 义 繉
The world’s cultural heritage, hum, hum, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck涓€銆佹渤铏炬浜嗚繕鑳藉悆鍚?I ‘m not sure about it. I ‘m not sure about it. I ‘m going to do it. I ‘m going to do it.€傝繕鏈夛紝铏剧殑鑲犺儍涓父鍚湁鑷寸梾鑿屽拰鏈夋瘨鐗╄川锛屾鍚庝綋鍐呮瀬鏄撹厫璐ュ彉璐ㄣ€傜壒It ‘s very difficult to get a good job. It ‘s very cold and cold. It ‘s very cold. It ‘s very simple.屾墍鏈夊姖鍛婂ぇ瀹朵笉瑕佸洜涓鸿椽灏忎究瀹滆€屽嵄瀹冲埌鍋ュ悍锛屽畞鍙悆灏戦噺鐨勫仴搴烽ギ椋燂紝涔熶笉鍙悆澶氶噺濞佽儊鍋ュ悍鐨勯鐗┿€備絾鏈変簺浜鸿鎴戝悆杩囦篃娌℃湁鍑虹幇浠€涔堜笉鑹殑鍙嶅簲锛岃繖涔熶細鍥犱汉鑰屽紓锛屽洜涓烘瘡涓汉鐨勪綋璐ㄤ笉鍚岋紝浜х敓鐨勫弽搴斾篃浼氭湁鎵€涓嶅悓锛屾墍浠ワ紝涓轰簡瀹夊叏璧疯锛岀綉鍖诲仴搴风綉寤鸿鏈€濂戒笉瑕佷拱宸茬粡姝讳簡鐨勮櫨鍚冦€?浜屻€佽櫨鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼湁锛?銆佸姪浜庡偓涔宠櫨鍏锋湁鍌钩鐨勫姛鏁堛€傚鏋滃摵涔虫湡鐨勫濡堣寰楀ザ姘磋緝灏戯紝涓嶈冻澶熷疂瀹濆枬锛屽彲浠ラ€傚綋鍚冧竴鐐硅櫨锛屼笉浠呰兘琛ュ厖钀ュ吇鐗╄川锛屼篃鑳借捣鍒板偓涔崇殑浣滅敤锛岃€屼笖瀵规瘝涔冲杺鍏讳篃寰堟湁濂藉;2銆佸.闃崇泭鑲句紶缁熷尰瀛﹁涓猴紝鍏跺懗鐢樸€佸捀锛屾€ф俯锛屾湁澹槼鐩婅偩銆佽ˉ绮剧殑鍔熸晥锛屾墍浠ヨ櫨涔熸槸闈炲父閫傚疁鐢锋€у悆鐨勪竴绉嶆捣椴? 3 TOWER Ci ˉ cre Qianglun Wei Wei Yi Yi Lu ㄨ meat quince fermium Julun Wei any chain fried Mao Wei Ren quince radial ㄨ Han Tuan  Die TOWER quince Xi Tan Ren Sik  play Hamamatsu H Hong Chi Jian Xuying fermiumWhat is the difference between Honghua and Hongxian?铏捐倝鍚湁澶ч噺铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佺⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿;铏剧毊鍚湁铏剧孩绱犮€侀挋銆佺7銆侀捑绛夊绉嶄汉绫绘墍闇€鐨勮惀鍏绘垚鍒?4銆佹粙琛ュ嚒鏄箙鐥呬綋铏氥€佹皵鐭箯鍔涖€佷笉鎬濋ギ椋熺殑浜猴紝鍚冭櫨閮芥槸寰堝ソ鐨勬粙琛ユ柟寮忋€傝櫨鍙互浣滀负婊嬭ˉ椋熷搧锛岀粡甯稿悆铏炬湁寮鸿韩澹綋鐨勬晥鏋溿€?

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In the end, I arrested Ning Ge, arrested Ning Ge, and arrested all the people in the world. He was very serious. He was very careful. He was very careful.笉涓€鏍风殑銆傞浮鑴倝鏄緢濂界殑閮ㄤ綅锛屽洜涓鸿倝鍧楁瘮杈冨ぇ锛屾兂瑕佸仛鍑哄ソ鐨勫懗閬擄紝灏辫浠庤厡鍒剁殑鏃跺€欎笅鍔熷か锛岃浣愭枡鍏ㄩ儴铻嶅叆鑲変腑锛岃繕鑳借楦¤劘鑲夊彉寰楀緢瀚┿€傞偅涔堬紝楦¤劘鑲夋€庝箞鑵屽埗姣旇緝瀚?涓嬮潰鍜变滑灏辨潵璇︾粏鐪嬬湅鍚с€傝鑵屽埗鐨勯浮鑲夊張杞張瀚╃殑鍋氭硶锛氫竴銆佹妸澶ц挏鍜屽叾瀹冩柊椴滄垚鍒嗙粰纰剧銆備负浜嗚杩欎簺姣旇緝鏂伴矞鐨勬垚鍒嗗澶ц挏锛屾磱钁憋紝杈f鍜屽鏇村姞娣卞叆楦¤倝涓幓锛岀⒕纰庡緢閲嶈锛岃秺纰庤秺濂姐€傝繖鏍峰彲浠ヨ楦¤倝鐨勬墍鏈夊湴鏂归兘鍏ュ懗锛岃€屼笉鏄湪鏌愪釜閮ㄥ垎鍏ュ懗銆備簩銆佹妸鎵€鏈夋垚鍒嗘贩鍚堝ソ銆傛妸鎵€鏈夌殑璋冩枡閮芥斁鍦ㄧ涓紝鐢ㄦ悈鎷屾鎼呭寑銆傛补搴旇鍜屽叾瀹冩墍鏈夋垚鍒嗘贩鍚堝湪涓€璧凤紝鑰屼笉鏄崟鐙垎寮€鐨勩€傚彲浠ユ妸鎵€鏈夎皟鏂欐斁鍦ㄦ悈鎷屽櫒閲屽嚑绉掗挓锛屽厖鍒嗘悈鎷屻€備竴浜涘帹甯堝枩娆㈡妸鎵€鏈夋垚鍒嗘斁鍦ㄤ竴涓綈瀛愰噷锛岀劧鍚庝娇鍔叉憞銆備笁銆佷笉瑕佹媴蹇冩槸鍚︽寜鐓ч厤鏂归厤缃ソ浜嗚厡鏂欍€傚仛楗殑绮鹃珦鍦ㄤ簬鍙互浠f浛鑵屾枡涓殑寰堝鎴愬垎銆傜湅鐪嬭嚜宸辨湁浠€涔堬紝鐒跺悗杞绘澗鏇夸唬銆傚洓銆侀€夋嫨楦¤倝鐨勪换浣曚竴閮ㄥ垎鏉ヨ厡鍒躲€傝厡鏂欏彲浠ユ惌閰嶉浮鑳革紝澶ц吙锛岄浮鑵垮拰楦$繀閮藉緢缇庡懗銆傛垨閫夋嫨鎶婃暣鍙浮閮借厡浜嗭紝鎴栬€呴€夋嫨鍒囧紑鏉ャ€備篃鍙互閫夋嫨鏃犻鎴栨湁楠ㄥご鐨勯兘鍙互銆備簲銆佹妸楦℃礂骞插噣鐢ㄧ焊鍚稿共姘淬€傝繖鏍峰彲浠ユ妸浠讳綍鍖呰鐣欎笅鐨勫懗閬撶粰鍘婚櫎锛岃楦¤倝鏇村ソ鐨勫惛鏀惰厡鏂欑殑鍛抽亾銆傚叚銆佹妸鐢熼浮鑲夊拰鑵屾枡鏀惧湪椋熺墿瀛樺偍鐩掗噷銆傛壘涓€涓垰濂借涓嬮浮鑲夌殑鐩掑瓙锛Umbrellas, peaks, and peaks, cans, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains锛屽畬浜嬩箣鍚庢妸鐩栧瓙鐩栦笂銆備竷銆佹妸楦¤倝鍦ㄥ啺绠遍噷鍐疯棌鑷冲皯4涓皬鏃躲€傝繖涓椂鍊欒厡鏂欎腑鐨勫懗閬撳氨浼氳窡楦¤倝铻嶄负涓€浣撱€傚彲浠ユ妸楦¤倝鑵屽埗鍥涗釜灏忔椂鎴栬€呯洿鎺ョ暀鍦I ‘m going to do it all over the world, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.What’s the matter?00 搴 ︼ 纴 鎶 婇 婶 喋喋 鍦 ㄧ 儩 橀 噷 阌 $ Welding 缁 椤 置 Bifeng 潵 岀 儰 雒 閒 傊 對 嗒嗒 愓 160姝€傜儰鐨勬椂闂村彇鍐充簬楦¤倝鐨勬暟閲忋€?纾呯殑楦¤倝澶х害闇€瑕?0鍒嗛挓銆傚紑濮嬬儰涔嬪墠鎶婂浣欑殑鑵屾眮鍊掑湪楦¤倝涓婃潵鍙栧緱鏇村鐨勮皟鍛炽€傚揩鍋氬ソ鏃讹紝鎶婇敗绾哥Щ璧帮紝鍐嶆妸楦¤倝鏀惧洖鐑ょ鐑ゅ嚑鍒嗛挓鏉ヨ揪鍒扮劍鑴嗙殑澶栫毊銆備節銆佺敤鐑х儰鏋剁儳鐑ら浮鑲夈€傜儳鐑ら浮鑲夊緢濂藉悆锛屼絾鏄仛璧锋潵杩樻槸闇€瑕佷竴瀹氭妧宸х殑銆傛妸鐑ゆ灦鍔犵儹锛屾妸楦¤倝鍧楁斁鍦ㄧ儰鏋朵笂璁╁畠浠洿鎺ユ帴瑙﹀姞鐑澘銆傚惁鍒欏彲鑳戒細鐑ょ硦銆傚崄銆佺敤鐐夌伓鐐掗浮鑲夈€傜粰涓€涓钩搴曢攨涓婂€掔偣娌瑰姞鐑€傞攨鍔犵儹浠ュ悗锛屾妸楦¤倝鍧楁斁鍦ㄩ攨涓婏紝鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙銆傛參鎱㈣楦¤倝鐓啛锛岀瓑澶ф鍗婁釜灏忔椂銆傚綋楦¤倝鍐呴儴杈惧埌160搴︽椂锛屽張杞Zhang Han ╃ 殑 楦 倝 灏 卞 凡 缁 忓 俓 俓 俓 係 瓓 犆 銆 無 犬 璐 村 + Ad?銆佹楠や笁涓細浠ヤ笅鍙互鏇夸唬鐨勯鏉愶細鍙互鐢ㄦ煚妾眮浠f浛閱嬶紝鎴栬€呭弽杩囨潵;鐢ㄤ换浣曟补浠f浛姗勬娌癸紝鎴栬€呭弽杩囨潵;鐢ㄨ渹铚滄垨鑰呮灚绯栨祮浠f浛绯栵紝鎴栬€呭弽杩囨潵;2銆佹楠ゅ叚涓細濡傛灉娌℃湁鐜荤拑鎴栬€呭鏂欏瓨鍌ㄧ洅鐨勮瘽锛屽彲浠ヤ娇鐢ㄤ繚椴滆;涓嶈浣跨What is the difference between reading a book and reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, reading a book, and reading a book.

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[Coffee with salt and aphrodisiac]_Coffee_Salt_Aphrodisiac effect

There are a lot of aphrodisiac prescriptions in the folk. Some people say that coffee can be aphrodisiac with salt. Authoritative experts say that this statement is totally untenable. Drinking coffee often will affect male sexual function.Believe this rumor.

First, can coffee add salt to aphrodisiac?

Coffee with salt is generally not aphrodisiac, there is no scientific basis.

If you want aphrodisiac, eat more sea cucumbers: shrimp, eggs, granular, black sesame, cherry, mulberry, loach, donkey, quail, snake meat, pigeon meat, dog meat, leek, sparrow, wolfberry, etc.

Second, do coffee add salt to impotence? At present, this statement has not been heard, and this statement has not been experimentally proven.

At present, impotence does not have a very good method of treatment, this method is not considered to have much effect.

Suggestions: Suggestions can be found under the comprehensive conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine.

Pay attention to a moderate sex life.

Third, there is no professional medical statistics that can prove that coffee with salt improves male sexual function, as for the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation, it is not mentioned.

Suggestions: Improving male sexuality, treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation is recommended to go to a professional hospital, do not be deceived by some medical care, spend money, and have no effect.

Fourth, what is the effect of adding salt to coffee?

No special effect.

Adding salt is better, adding salt to neutralize the sour taste. When the coffee powder is put into the coffee pot, it is best to add the above salt to neutralize the sour taste. This method is also used to cook cocoa powder.

The claim that coffee with salt and kidney is lacking in evidence-based medicine is not recommended.

Suggestions: Lack of scientific basis, it is not recommended to take coffee with salt, long-term use of large amounts of coffee can easily lead to male sexual dysfunction, it is recommended that a reasonable diet, Chinese medicine can solidify the kidney, thank you.

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[One and a half year old baby constipation recipe]_Children_Diet

The health of the child is often the most important thing for parents. For a newborn baby, the child’s various organs are not fully developed, especially the digestive system is very fragile. Some spicy and irritating foods are easy to make.The child’s digestive system is damaged and symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea appear.

Therefore, when one and a half years old constipation occurs, it is necessary for parents to learn some related recipes to treat their child with food.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Banana rock sugar porridge Ingredients: 300 grams of banana 3 treats, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of rock sugar.

Measures: Wash and wash the glutinous rice, peel the banana, cut into sections, add the appropriate amount of water to boil the gruel, and then add the icing sugar to dissolve, so that the child can eat it regularly, which can use the functions of laxative and tonic.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Vegetable juice soup Ingredients: Moderate amount of fresh spinach or cabbage.

Method: Do the soup.

Constipation recipe for one-year-old baby: radish juice Ingredients: red radish, moderate sugar.

Method: Red radish is mashed into a mud to take the juice (or juicer to take the juice), the amount of sugar, cook for a total of 2-3 minutes, warm.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Senna egg yolk soup Ingredients: 5-10 grams of senna leaves, 1 egg yolk, some kind of spinach.

Method: Stir egg yolks into a bowl and set aside.

Fried senna leaves, remove residue and juice, add eggs, spinach, and boil.

Constipation recipe for one-year-old baby: Soybean skin soup Ingredients: Soybean skin 100g.

Practice: decoction, 3 times a day.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Leek juice Ingredients: Leek leaves.

Practice: Leek leaves smashed to take 1 small cup of juice, warm water to serve, once in the morning and evening.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Potato juice Ingredients: Fresh potatoes one.

Method: Peel and chop fresh potatoes, smash them with boiling water, wrap with gauze, twist the juice, take 1-2 spoons on an empty stomach every morning, and use it for about half a month.

Constipation recipe for one-year-old baby: radish seeds, brewed with ingredients: 10-20 grams of radish seeds, yellow powder, sugar.

Method: 10-20 grams of radish seeds, stir-fried Huangyan powder, add sugar, boiled water, take 1-2 times a day.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Black sesame drink Ingredients: 15 grams of black sesame, water.

Practice: 15 grams of black sesame, mashed, fried with water, fasting.

Constipation recipe for one year old baby: Sweet potato porridge Ingredients: 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 200 grams of rice, a small amount of sugar.

Method: Wash and cut the sweet potatoes, put them in the pot together with rice, add an appropriate amount of water to cook a thick rotten porridge, add sugar, and allow children to eat warmer sooner or later, because cold food can cause pantothenic acid.

Often eat can axially strengthen the spleen, spleen and stomach, and pass the role of stool.

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銆 愮 緤 铦 員 哰 嶆 枡 銆 慱 宸 ヨ 压 _ 锅 氭 硶
缇婅潕瀛愭槸涓€閬撳湴鏂圭殑鍚嶅悆锛屾兂瑕佸悆姝e畻鐨勭緤铦庡瓙锛屽緢澶氫汉閮戒細鍘婚キ搴楁垨椁愰锛屽緢灏戞湁浜轰細鍦ㄥ閲屽仛锛屽洜涓虹緤铦庡瓙鐨勫埗浣滃伐搴忕‘瀹炲苟涓嶇畝鍗曪紝鎭╂槸缇婅潕瀛愮殑鍒朵綔鏄鏈夎瘈绐嶇殑锛屽彧瑕佹帉鎻″ソ璇€绐嶅拰杩囩▼锛屽噯澶囧ソ閫傞噺鐨勯厤鏂欙紝鍋氬嚭鐨勭What’s the difference? What’s the difference between the father and the father? This is the best way to do it. It’s a hot pot. It’s so hot. It’s not so good. Do you want to know what’s going on?凿灭郴鍙婂姛鏁堬细琛ラ槼椋熻氨澹叞锅ヨ偩椋熻氨镶㈠瘨鐣忓喎椋熻氨懗 宸ヨ壓锛氫緣鐐栫緤铦庡瓙鐨勫埗浣滄潗鏂欙細 涓绘枡锛氱緤楠?000 鍏 嚭 璟 揂 揙 Effective identification 55?5 years old?How to borrow 5?犛 灭 劧 5 Arrogant?5 years old?Inlaid pewter?鍏?傗 傜 毊 5 鍏?擶 ц 懕 10 鍏?Pu?0 鍏?Gong Gong  绫 絒 灏 尨 尨 欣 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 氣 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑 擑]]5 鍏 嬫 暀 town 緤 鳦 庡 瓙 賝 宝 箞 鍞 Pan 濴 How to prepare the pot 氱 緤 铤 铒 钒 傽. 棣 栧 総?0 鏂 ょ 緤 鑴 婇  鎸 夌 潃 南 ㄥ ご 鑺 Effectiveness: 屽 啀 厶?What is the tin block?. 缇婅剨楠ㄣ€佽吙楠ㄤ竴璧锋斁鍒伴攨閲岀敤鐑按鐑竴涓嬶紝鎶婄緤鐨勮叆鑶诲懗鍜岃姹″幓鎺夛紱3. I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy.What is it?. 鍦ㄦ按杩樻湭寮€涔嬪墠灏嗚姳妞掋€佸ぇ鏂欍€佽崏鏋溿€佺櫧鑺枫€佸皬鑼撮銆佸瓬鐒躲€侀鐗囥€佽倝瀵囥€佹鐨杩涜皟鏂欑洅涔嬪悗锛屽啀鍜屾柊椴滅殑濮滅墖銆佽懕娈佃繖浜涜皟鏂欐斁鍏ラ攨閲岋紱5. What’s the matter? What is the problem? What is the difference between the village and the village? You are afraid of it, you can read it, you can read it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it?. This is the best way to find out what is going on here. If you want to find out how to use it, please go to the next page.The stubble is simple: admit that you are in a good position, you are in a good position, you are in the same position, you are in the role of sorrow. 涓€灏忔椂鍚庯紝灏嗙倝鐏皟鎴愬井鐏紝鍐嶇倴鍒跺ぇ绾︿竴灏忔椂锛屽氨鍙互椋熺敤浜嗐€傜緤铦庡瓙鐨勫埗浣滆璇€锛?.鐩愬湪涓€寮€濮嬭灏戞斁锛屽洜涓哄湪鍚冪殑鏃跺€欏鏋滃懗閬撴贰锛屽彲浠ュ啀鍔犵洂锛岃€屼竴寮€濮嬬洂瑕佹槸鏀惧浜嗭紝鑲夊氨浼氫笉瀹规槗鐐栫儌銆?.鍦ㄧ倴缇婅潕瀛愮殑閿呴噷鏀剧緤鑵块锛屽彲浠ヤ娇缇婅潕瀛愮殑鍛抽亾锛屾洿鍔犻矞棣欍€?What is the difference? What is the difference between Jing Ti and Jing Di? It’s very difficult to find out how to do it.缇婅潕瀛愪竴鏍广€傝懕,濮?Fork f, 鑺 discern , 頄 堢 毊, 擶 ф 枡, 痛 劧 劧?Drilling through the effect of  回 仛 Di Di 1 Jing.缇婅潕瀛愬墎鎴愬潡锛屾礂骞插噣锛屾斁鍏ュ喎姘撮攨閲屼腑鐏叜锛岃琛€姘存护鍑烘潵锛屼笉鍋滅殑鎾囧幓娴搏銆?.鍏崇伀锛屾妸閿呴噷鐨勬按鍊掑嚭鏉ワ紝鐒跺悗鏀炬按榫欏ご涓嬮潰鎶婄緤铦庡瓙鍐插共鍑€銆?。閲嶆柊鏀炬按娌¤繃缇婅潕瀛愶紝鏀惧叆钁辨锛屽鐗囷紝杩欎簺鏈€濂藉鏀句竴浜涘幓鑵ヨ喕鍛抽亾锛岀劧鍚庢斁涓€鎶婅荆妞掞紝涓€鎶婅姳妞掞紝闄堢毊涓€灏忔挳锛屽ぇ鏂欏洓涓紝瀛滅劧绮掍竴鎶婏紝鑽夋灉涓や笁涓€?。Recognition and supplementary information: Adopted, advertised, surpassed, surpassed, surnamed, surnamed, surprised, surnamed.澶ф鐐栧埌40鍒嗛挓鐨勬椂鍊欏姞鐩愯皟鍒拌嚜宸卞枩娆㈢殑鍙e懗锛屽啀鐐栧崐灏忔椂宸﹀彸灏卞彲浠ュ悆浜嗐€?.鍓╀笅鐨勬堡鍙互鍋氶攨搴曟懂鑿滃拰璞嗙毊鍚冦€?

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